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Sample textures

Here are some samples of what can be done with the plugin. Below each image is the name of the preset used to generate it (all these presets and a few more are in the download section). For screen shots of the user interface, take a look at the documentation.

Planar Textures

blobs and water  
blobs and water   color potpourri
land and sea 2 lava
land and sea 2 lava

Texture for Sperical Mapping

This is a texture with the mapping set to spherical. When applied to a sphere it tiles and doesn't pinch at the poles.
You can download a sample animation. If you want to render it yourself, you need povray, these simple scripts, and the texture below. (The animation was put together using imagemagick)

blue turbulence (with a further adjustment in size and mapping)

Image Warps

through a bumpy glass   wet
through a bumpy glass   wet
sharp threads
sharp threads crystallized