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Documentation : Output Tab

  • Mapping:
    • Planar: Ordinary flat image.
    • Tileable planar: Same as planar, but the image tiles both horizontally and vertically.
    • Spherical: Image intended to be wrapped around a sphere so the texture tiles and doesn't pinch at the poles.
  • Phase: Especially useful when generating different images for a sequence (animation) by changing the phase gradually for each frame. Don't enable it unless you need it, as it slows down the calculation. To generate completely different patterns use the "seed" instead, in the "Basis" tab.

Then there are the controls which specify the "brightness" and "contrast" of the values the noise takes.

  • Pinch: Spreads or concentrates the values the noise takes,
  • Bias: Biases the values the noise takes towards one extreme or the other,
  • Gain: Reduces or increases the range of values the noise takes.

Finally the controls which specify how the colors repeat:
  • Function (Ramp, Triangle, Sine, Half Sine): Specifies how the noise value cycles (when frequency > 1).
  • Frequency: Number of times the colors cycle.
  • Shift: Shifts the colors (adds an offset to the gradient).